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A multi-faceted brand that is available to everyone!


FTO was created to inspire people to be unique. The founder, Naomi Mechaly, always on a hunt for “funky and exciting” pieces, decided to explore this avenue.

Finish the Outfit is representing a selection of todays hottest brands such as Chaser Brand, Aviator Nation, CHRLDR, , Jennifer Zeuner, and The Right Hand Gal just to name a few. The variety of designers helps individuals develop their “own” style. They can choose from one collection or jazz it up with multiple pieces!

The owner likes to find pieces that are handmade or made in the country of origin. They are made with quality materials and are moderately priced. The goal is to have something for everyone.

The best part of accouterments is that there’s a wide variety and range of items. We have dainty pieces, which will always be an FTO classic, and then there will be the funky fresh or bohemian flare that will be added to the mix. Either way accessories are a must and we have just that!

For those of you living in Montreal, Quebec theres a Boutique! If you'd like to visit please email:

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