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A Story Behind the Brand: Quay Australia Eyeware

August 26, 2015

Summer is here, the sun is shining, your outfit is on point, but you are missing one thing: shades. Although summer is the season of sunglasses, it has now become a trend to wear them in any season for quite a few reasons besides the sunshine: coolness, dark circles, and most importantly to match our mood to our style are just a few.

Dubbed the season of sunshine, when summer rolls around, you are never fully dressed without a pair of great shades, but luckily this season’s trend is equipped for all. Many of the styles include bright-mirrored lenses, floral-embellished frames, and round styles, which adds a punch to any outfit.

If you ever wanted a designer pair of sunglasses without the designer price then check out Quay (pronounced key) Eyeware Australia, which brings just that. Affordable and fun, the brand is created for the fashionable, free-spirited, music festival go-er. 

Behind The Brand

Linda and Allen Hammond, and later joined by Zak (their son), are the founders of this brand. Created in 2004, in Melbourne Australia, two music lovers got together to create a cool, affordable, and a vast range of eyeware that represents their freethinking spirits. News travelled fast, and people just couldn’t get enough of these new shades. Quay kept flourishing, and with the help of Zak, in 2009, the brand was launched in the international market.

source: Pinteret

source: Pinterest

Quay Australia’s motto is “life is too short to fit in”, so it is no surprise that every new design is something unique. Each product depicts the very nature of its creators: music lovers, Melbourne flair, and a style that refuses to conform. Quay Eyeware Australia strongly believes in no rules when it comes to personal style and having a good time.

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

The Quay Australia Design

With so many different designs to choose from, each shade has a quirky name to fit any mood. The Chelsea Girl and the Mod Star are perfect for those whose fashion style is inspired by the Brits, and if you’re feeling a little feisty, why not go for the Kitti pair, a design that brings out your inner feline with their cat-eyed frames.

Shop Kitti frames at



Quay Eyeware has become popular amongst many of our favorite celebrities. Many of which who aren’t afraid to go bold with their style, especially their eyewear. Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Cara Delevingne, and Beyonce have all been spotted wearing Quay sunglasses and the list continues to grow daily.

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

Quay Eyeware Australia may be a long way from where they started, but they will never forget where they began. The roots of Quay will always be the endless summers in Melbourne, the adventures taken, and the inspiration that comes from many days spent at music festivals. But today, you can find Quay frames at over 2000 retailers worldwide and online. Quay shades have collaborated with other well-known brands like Lazy Oaf, ASOS, and Urban Outfitters

Much like the frames themselves, the people of Quay have their own style, are laidback, but aren’t afraid to take risks when needed. Quay Eyeware is fun, affordable, and each style is available in many colors.

It is important this summer to rock a good pair of shades. You owe it to yourself to find a pair that will make you and your outfit feel complete. Sunglasses are the most important accessory that you will put on your face, so be sure you think long and hard, after all, the hardest step is choosing your first pair, then it is sweet sailing from there.

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