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While a great outfit can go a long way, the best thing you can do for any outfit is spice it up with a good accessory. Choosing a good accessory makes a statement, it is the best way to try a trend and decide for yourself if it works for you.

If you think history is repeating itself in this year’s fashion trends, you are not alone. From crop tops to overalls, the ‘90s are making a comeback, and one of 2015’s biggest throwbacks is the choker necklace.

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

Unsure about whether or not you’re a fan of this trend? Or if you can rock it? While the choker necklace is one of those accessories that seem tricky to pull off, this year’s trend is making a comeback and all the stars are doing it. From fashion bloggers to Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian, many of our favorite stars have all hopped on the choker necklace trend.

It doesn’t matter what your style is, whether you consider yourself a punk, bohemian, Parisian chic, or an elegant lady, the choker necklace can be rocked by all these babes. A little inspiration from the stars and the runway is all you need to help you decide the right choker for you.

While the biggest hesitation about trying to rock the choker necklace is how it will make you look, the trend may be a ‘90s comeback but it has come a long way. Gone are the days of tattooed chokers (kind of). Now, the choker necklace comes in all different shapes and sizes.

The Grunge Inspired Choker Necklace

Feeling a little daring with your outfit choice of the night? Why not add a choker to your look inspired by grunge. A grunge choker can be thin or thick and can also contain a pendant on it. Usually a choker made to be tied around your neck, instead of stretching it out around your head to get it on (major breakthrough). Never paired alone, the grunge inspired choker is best worn with other thin necklaces.

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

Need a little more inspiration on how to wear this look? Why not spice up your office look by wearing a white shirt and jeans, paired with a thin leather or lace choker and other thin necklaces. Change your look from day to night by making an evening look even sexier, why not wear a choker with a sophisticated blouse and jeans or a dress.

The grunge inspired choker can be a little daring, but it is a style you won’t regret. The thin necklace is delicate, girly, grungy, fun, and sexy, adding a je ne sais quoi to any look.

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

The Jewelry and Statement Choker Necklace

These types of choker necklaces are great for those who aren’t quite ready to take on the whole grunge inspired look, but still love this ‘90s throwback trend. The jewelry and statement choker are the types of necklaces that are both bold and sophisticated.

These chokers are a favorite amongst many! You can see these chokers on fashion models, designers, or fashion editors, amongst many others.  How to make these chokers work with your style? That’s easy, the jewelry or statement choker can be worn with almost anything. Pair them with a chunky sweater or wear them directly on your skin with a deep V-neck. You can find two types of jewelry and statement chokers, there are both thick and thin styles, each changing up your look. The thicker chokers make a statement, whereas the thin ones are sexy and feminine.

So the next time you’re staring at yourself in the mirror wondering what it is your outfit is missing, why not go out there and get yourself a choker. You’ll be surprised how this ‘90s comeback revamps your look.


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