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Whenever you put on a great accessory to complete your outfit, you never stop and think about where that piece of jewelry came from. Everything has a history, a story, a place where they came from, and learning that can make any accessory you own that much more interesting.

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

The Hoop Earring

Of all the accessories a woman can own, the hoop earring is one of the oldest forms of jewelry. They have been around for many years and have been worn by both men and women. Its use has dated back to many different places and cultures. Dating back to ancient Rome, Greece, and even ancient Sumerian culture.

The progress of this particular earring has made its way around different cities and cultures. The first ever hoop earring have been linked to the Sumerian culture, which is now known as Iraq. They then became popular in Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

It is by understanding where the hoop earring derives from that makes us appreciate all the different types of hoop earrings we now know and love. While the hoop earring has come a long way from where it began, it is one of the many styles of earrings that have an impressive craftsmanship and creativity. Many of today’s hoop earrings no longer resemble what they have in the past, but they still remain one of women’s favorite accessories.

While not much is known about who created the first ever hoop earring, or who was the first person to rock this new jewelry, we are glad they did! Throughout the years, the hoop earring trend has come and gone, being super popular from the ‘60s through the ‘90s, and then laying low (but never forgotten) after that.

Through the Years

The hoop earring has come a long way. While many women, celebrities included all love to wear them. They didn’t always have a good reputation. There was a time when the hoop earring was seen as a symbol of sexuality, and that only African American women or those in the sex industry would wear them. The hoop earring has paved its way into history, being jewelry only worn by slaves, very popular amongst sailors and pirates, and symbolic in different religious ceremonies. But lucky for us they have steered away from that direction and have become the fashion accessory they are today.

The Hoop Earring Design

The hoop earring is a design that can be easily identified. A simple design, the hoop earrings’ design is circular or semi-circular and resembles a ring. Now although the hoop earring has a simple design, there are different types of hoop earrings to choose from. Amongst the designs to choose from are fancy, diamond cut, classic, endless, square tube, satin, and twisted.

Various Designs

While the hoop earring is something we all can recognize, the above mentioned designs are a little different.

Classic Hoop Earring: The classic hoop earring is the simple design we all know and love. Everyone is familiar with them and they come in all different sizes and thickness.

Diamond Cut Hoop Earring: The name of these hoops is self-explanatory.  A diamond cut hoop earring is cut by a diamond, with different designs on the hoop like floral print, lines, and dots.

Endless Hoop Earring: An endless hoop earring’s design is an illusion. It gives the impression that the hoop earring is a never-ending circle with no clasp.

Fancy Hoop Earring: The fancy hoop earring is meant to be worn when you’re feeling a little daring. It is the hoop earring that breaks all the rules. Unlike the classic hoop earring, the fancy hoop earring doesn’t need to be perfectly round or shiny.

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