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source: Pinterest

The boho (bohemian) style has been thriving these past years with clothing and interiors lines for the free spirited gypsy that embraces bare feet, road trips, music festivals, turquoise & crystal jewels and sumptuous fabric. The word gypset is used to describe the mash-up of romanticized gypsy-inspired looks and the glamorous stylings of the jet set. Think bold patterns, a touch of orientalism and a decidedly carefree form of opulence.

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

The Rules of Gypset Style

An amalgamation of Gypsy and Jetset, Gypset is a term coined by Julia Chaplin that incorporates the nomadic free spirit of the former with the latter’s bon vivant existence. It leans towards ethnic prints and bohemian, layered garments, capturing the notion of wandering the globe whilst maintaining a glamorous international edge. Inspired by hippies, beatniks and the Lost Generation, the clothes are exotic and carefree but distinctly fashionable, wild yet sophisticated, existing as a ‘floating movement’.


source: Pinterest

The Modesty

Gypset clothing should look distressed and replicate the borrowed, found heritage of gypsy. As Chaplin explains, like “a jewellery designer who would rather work out of a town in Mexico than in Paris’ über-chic Saint-Germain-des-Prés.” Gypset is about forging your own environment through creative intuitionism.


source: Pinterest

Gypset Culture

Gypset does not belong to one culture or continent. Made up of a creative community of artists, designers, surfers and explorers, they forge an international identity never bound to one place. It represents a cross-culture of wanderlust society that appreciates the local authenticity of remote and exotic town’s – “Geography is the last line of defence against a world that is increasingly accessible.” “Gypsets are creative and optimistic people who blend fashion and art, whilst maintaining a relaxed, laidback approach to life”.


source: Pinterest


source: Pinterest

Bohemian Gypset

Gypset is a new style that is an amalgamation of jet set glamour and gypsy free-spiritedness. Loose-fitting, simple clothing, representative of their easygoing lifestyle, is accompanied by plentiful jewellery: wooden beads, shells, raffia strings, bright stones and chunky gold, multiple bangles, necklaces and rings, speckled with pendants, charms and collectibles.


source: Pinterest


source: Pinterest

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