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Minimal Pinterist Necklace Image

source: pinterest.com


Just like with our clothes, stacking chains or necklaces can be challenging and one does not always know where to begin. But with a little practice, the effect can be fantastic! It is a question of proportions, necklace lengths, combinations and the garment that you wish to style. The idea is to play with various metals and especially lengths for a smart and original effect.

1. Necklace length: Start with a chocker.

Chose a necklace length -or chain- that is rather short, close to your neck and minimal. This piece will set the tone of your mix. Find a chocker that is pretty thick, rests beautifully on your collarbones, in a metal that complements your skin tone.

The “taken”necklace

Example: The “taken”necklace.


2. Think of bar necklaces.

The second chain should be slightly longer than the first one. If you go for a minimal layering, find a delicate chain that will subtly peak out from underneath the chocker.

The "arrow" necklace

Example: The “arrow”.

3. Finish with a pendant.

This is the longest piece, and if possible go with a pendant, something heavy that will stay in place. Also remember to chose a piece that will go well with your clothes.

Example: The "pompom" necklace.

Example: The “pompom” necklace.

So which is your style? Are you minimal or statement?

Necklace Length Statement

Source: Pinterest.com

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