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Hipanema Bracelets: The Story Behind the Brand

April 10, 2015

The Hipanema story

Hipanema Lobster Bracelet.

A detailed look at the Hipanema Lobster Bracelet.

Hipanema started when two girls from Paris with a love for fashion and travel met in the beautiful Rio. Inspired by colours during their travels, the two young blondes from Paris decided to bring-back some Brazilian glamour in their suitcases.

I love wearing lots of Brazilian bracelets but having to tie and untie them one by one till they break became a bore – says Delphine.

After a couple of years it becomes difficult to keep wearing the old discoloured ties and it’s not easy to match them with ones wardrobe – replies Jenny.

The HIPANEMA bracelet is a revolutionary concept

Hipanema Octopus Bracelet

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Hipanema bracelets are Brazilian bracelets with a twist. Instead of lasting for just a few weeks, these bracelets are created to make a fashion statement any time and any place. It is for all fashionistas wearing trinkets on their wrists.

The very chic magnetized clasp offers a great alternative to the holiday bracelets. The Brazilian ties go from being a post-holiday drag to being a real ethnic fashion accessory which livens up our urban wear. Made from pearls, seashells and multicolored thread, the HIPANEMA bracelets come in 8 different models. The ribbons from Bahia mix with the legendary Copacabana bracelets and the quartz stones with various seashells.

Hipanema Sapphire

What would look good on your Wrist? Shop our Hipanema line today!

These cuffs can be worn double or triple. The more the merrier! The Hipanema collection consists of vivacious handmade styles named after popular travel destinations, including Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Santiago and Mexico. These multicolored cuff Hipanema bracelets are entirely hand-made, handcrafted in Brazil, and feature beautiful beads, seashells and intriguingly-woven ribbons.


Naomi wearing the Hipanema PANTHERE in Vegas

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