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About Us

FTO was created to inspire people to be unique. The founder, Naomi Mechaly, always on a hunt for “funky and exciting” pieces, decided to explore this avenue.

Finish the Outfit is representing a selection of todays hottest brands such as Michael Lauren, CHRLDR, The Right Hand Gal, Project Social T, Suburban Riot and Aviator Nation just to name a few. The variety of designers helps individuals develop their “own” style.

The goal is to have something for everyone.

In recent years, FTO, is becoming more than just accoutrements. There is an “athleisure” trend that has taken power and Naomi has tapped into it! As a “sporty chic” type of gal, this is the perfect path for FTO.

FTO has recently introduced an activewear segment under the branch of “FTOFIT.” As more and more people are getting into all kinds of physical activity, FTOFIT is providing an array or clothing choices for the active gal. Carrying brands such as Phat Buddha Wear, Koral Activewear, Noli Yoga and Glyder Apparel just to name a few. Meet Casey Cooper, Head of our Activewear Division!


The Buzz

"Son but est de satisfaire sa clientèle en offrant des accessoires-bijoux qui garderont leurs traits classiques et spécifiques"
"…a good impression of what the spirit of Finish the Outfit is all about: fun and unique!"
"…fell for the freshness…"
"Originale n’est-ce-pas? L’accro de l’accessoire en moi, a été comblée!"
"Their selection features tons of colorful bohemian inspired jewelry and accessories"
"We loved the concept"
"Accessories are key for us, so #FTO seemed like the perfect place to start"
"FTO est un site facile à consulter et qui fait tourner la tête avec sa sélection de bracelets parfait pour se créer un arm party coloré et festif"
"Super originale"
"Whether your taste has evolved to funky-fresh, you’ve grown into a Boho kind of gal, or you just wanna keep it classic, Finish the Outfit is the one-stop online shop for you"
"Se spécialisant dans les accessoires funky et tendances, le site – une idée de la Montréalaise Naomi Mechaly – promet de vous aider à accessoiriser avec style vos ensembles préférés"
"…on point in #creativity…"
"…girl chic!"
"Naomi Mechaly, owner at Finish the Outfit, shows Camille Ross how to accentuate your look with the perfect summer accessories"